Video Conferencing Managed Services

Electrosonic offers an easy-to-use, always available, multi-party, multi-standard, video and telephone conferencing service. The service enables both self-service and scheduled calling.

Video and telephone participants on different networks (Private IP, Internet, or ISDN) can all meet and share content in a secure meeting space. Electrosonic takes ownership of any technology compatibility issues and facilitates resilient, reliable and repeatable meetings between different communication platforms.


  • 24 hour video help desk
  • Virtual meeting spaces for VC and telephone participants
  • Conferencing across mixed vendor and technology VC estates
  • Scheduling portal with online user interface
  • Concierge services
  • Outlook scheduling plug-in
  • Usage and performance reporting

Electrosonic provides two types of video conferencing meeting rooms:

Virtual Meeting Room
4 video ports (80 hours per month) plus 4 telephone ports, or 8 video ports (160 hours per month) plus 4 telephone ports.
*Option of 100 hours of usage per port per month is also available.

Virtual MCU
8 video ports with multiple VMRs(160 hours per month) plus 4 telephone ports, 12 video ports with multiple VMRs (240 hours per month) plus 6 telephone ports, or 20 video ports with multiple VMRs (400 hours per month) plus 10 telephone ports.
*Option of 100 hours of usage per port per month is also available.

For more detailed information regarding usage level programs, please refer to the PDF document in the side box to the right.


Electrosonic operates a 24 hour Video Network Operations Centre (VNOC). Clients can access the VNOC via phone, email and online portal. Our operators are all qualified video and audio-visual engineers and they will ensure all users experience easy to use, reliable and consistent video conferencing.

Concierge Services
Electrosonic’s Conference VNOC operators provide a range of concierge services, including call launching, meet and greet, active call monitoring, and call management.

Call Scheduling and Launching Portal
Electrosonic’s Conference Manager allows calls to be scheduled by VNOC operators or users via a web-based portal. The scheduler automatically checks availability and sends out meeting invites with the joining instructions.

Reporting and Resource Utilisation
Electrosonic’s Conference Manager tracks and generates call data records for all calls and every participant. In addition, call performance data can be stored for each call and participant involved.

Content Sharing
All virtual meeting spaces support content sharing such as documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.

Video Conferencing Managed Services

Free 30-Day Virtual Meeting Room Trial

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A Virtual Meeting Room provides a permanently available virtual conference space for an individual or team and makes communication with multiple video and telephone participants easy. Participants can call in from any device or network and in addition all participants can see each other and share presentations.

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Conference Management

Learn more about our Managed Services for video conferencing in this data sheet.

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