Theme Parks

Electrosonic have worked on many theme park projects, both large and small, around the world. Working directly with owners, design teams and operators, we have designed and installed complex audio-visual solutions for themed attractions and shows, dark rides, planetariums and theatres.

Projects have included custom projection systems, audio, interactive displays, immersive environments, show control and event scheduling.

Our clients include European theme parks and many of the world’s largest themed attractions in the US, Asia and the Middle East.*

*Due to NDAs on these projects we cannot disclose the clients name and project details

Our clients include many of the world’s largest attractions in countries across the world.

Dark Rides at OCT Parks in China

Electrosonic equipped two movie-based dark rides in Shanghai and Shenzhen with complex curved screens and a quad projection system with custom lenses, dynamic audio reinforcement and 4D effects.

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Charlie Goes HD

Electrosonic delivers a novel high definition projection system to Alton Towers' new attraction

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