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The way we do business has changed

The way we communicate has changed

The way we work has changed

Collaborate Easily, Anywhere 

Collaboration is not a technology but rather a way of working - a corporate culture, and it is taking over how we do business.

Video conferences are no longer confined to the boardroom, and rightly so, but this leaves video's early adopters in a predicament. While video might work on the desktop and in the meeting room, getting them to work together is a challenge. At Electrosonic we can help you ensure video, instant messenger and voice, all work together, providing you with an easy to use collaboration solution.

Do I need a Video Cloud Service?

There should be a genuine business need to move to the cloud, not just ‘our competitors are doing it’ but a real business case.

  • Do you want to migrate to Skype for Business but have legacy video conferencing technology?
  • Have the warranties on your legacy video conferencing estate expired?
  • Do you want to implement Huddle Spaces to support agile communication?
  • Do you want to pay for technology solutions via your Op Ex budget?
  • Are you finding your collaboration solution cannot scale fast enough to support business growth? 
  • Is your on-premises solution consuming significant internal resource? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions, considering a Cloud solution could radically improve your businesses performance. Not only does it save both time and money, but it increases collaboration among a distributed workforce. 

Learn about the key benefits of Cloud Video conferencing solutions here.

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The Future of Work… Time to get your head in the Cloud

View our 'Future of Work' animation and find out how video conferencing in the cloud can help your business reap the benefits of a collaborative workforce.

By 2018, the 60% of enterprises that implement appropriate cloud visibility and control tools will experience one-third fewer security failures. – Gartner

How do you Transition Between Legacy Video Conferencing and Skype for Business?

For many businesses, it is not possible to remove all existing meeting room technology and start again, so a solution that enables legacy video conferencing equipment to communicate with solutions such as Skype for Business is required.

Electrosonic offers video conferencing solutions that solve these interoperability problems. Our solution focusses on delivering services that provide true interoperability and allow you to easily and securely connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Register for a 30-Day Free Cloud Trial

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Why Video Conferencing as a Service?

Discover the full benefits of Cloud Video Conferencing here.

Electrosonic's VCaaS and audio-visual solutions help to provide a reliable, single solution that is easy to use, manage and maintain whilst enabling global organisations to conduct instant and secure meetings.

Cloud video provides multi-party conferencing and recording. It will greatly improve the 'collaboration experience' your company offers with little or no need for capital investment in 'on premise' infrastructure. Having a Cloud strategy will give you the speed and agility modern day businesses require to stay competitive.

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Benefits of Video Conferencing as a Service

  • Promotes effective communication with remote and dispersed workers
  • Meets the ‘App Generation’s’ communication and technology expectations
  • Allows the sharing and analysis of data remotely using any device
  • Maintains client security and confidentiality whilst communicating over video 
  • Eliminates the need for expensive bridging infrastructure and maintenance
  • Allows you to reduce capital expenditure and pay monthly for its usage

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Introduction to Collaboration Solutions to the Legal Market

The Cloud of Confusion

Get the answers you need:

  • 'What is a cloud service?'
  • 'What makes one service different from another?'
  • 'How can I choose between service offerings?'
  • 'How can I minimize the risk associated with a cloud service deployment?'

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Skype for Business Migration Strategies

Investigate and get your questions answered on Skype for Business Migration Strategies.

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