Electrosonic Upgrades Highways England's Hindhead Tunnels

Located on the A3 road linking London to Portsmouth, the Hindhead tunnels provide a safe route through the Devils Punch Bowl, a site of special scientific interest and a notoriously high accident rate. In order to help improve roadway efficiency and heighten safety, Electrosonic integrated the main videowall display, comprising of eight eyevis LED illuminated, DLP 50-inch, slim rear projection cubes, in a 4x2 array. Electrosonic provided the original videowall installation for the tunnels when they first opened in 2011.

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The format, combined with the HD cubes 16:9 ratio ensures that the maximum amount of information can be displayed in a space with a low ceiling. The cubes give a pixel perfect near seamless image surface with a resolution of 7680x2160 pixels, while requiring just 17 inches (432mm) in depth. The videowall processor is integrated to Highways England’s own Control system to control layouts, cameras and system software to ensure a seamless and intuitive operational experience.

The 1.14-mile-long twin tunnels are monitored by a SCADA system from the control room on the Northern end. Tunnel lighting, ventilation, incident detection and other support systems are all included, with help from 118 cameras to safeguard motorists.

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