Electrosonic achieves Government ESOS compliance

ESOS Compliance

Electrosonic has recently achieved ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) compliance from the Environment Agency. The assessment entailed comprehensive audits of the energy used in their premises, processes and transport. The new status establishes Electrosonic’s tremendous environmental standards.

As part of the ESOS assessment, cost effective energy-saving measures are identified. Although there is no regulatory requirement for participants to implement the energy saving opportunities identified within the assessments, Electrosonic has embarked on a number of initiatives, which have helped it to advance beyond compliance.

Electrosonic has installed Electric car charging stations in support of greener driving options, in addition to increasing their fleet of hybrid and electric vehicles. Economic LED lighting has been fitted along with occupancy detectors for lighting control. An energy efficient heat recovery system has been installed, providing independent heating and cooling. Finally, energy meters have been installed at its premises to measure and monitor its energy consumption.

ESOS is a mandatory energy audit for UK organisations that meet the qualification criteria for annual turnover and number of employees. The Department of Energy and climate change believe that implementation of the energy efficiency measures within the audits have the potential net benefit to the UK of around £1.6bn.