Dubai EXPO 2020

October 2020 will be the date when all eyes turn to Dubai for EXPO 2020. Dubai is a highly accessible location and this will be the first EXPO to be held in the Middle East. With the bid alone reaching an estimated 850 million people through social media, and over 70 pavilions expected, we are guaranteed to see some incredible creative visions brought to life. These factors will drive up visitor numbers but, given the extraordinary architecture and entertainment already seen in the region, it will take something highly creative and unique to grab their attention.

The EXPO Challenge

The challenge for design teams is creating a show that is highly entertaining and attracts large visitor numbers, but balanced with ensuring the flow of visitors around the attraction is manageable and safe. Universal design is a key consideration, designers will want to make sure everyone’s experience, no matter of age, ability or language, is of a similarly high standard.

We have observed a lot of changes since our first EXPO involvement and in our experience there are several factors pavilion designers need to take into consideration to create an exceptional experience that stands out from the crowd conveying a story or message in an engaging and unique way, leaving audiences completely WOWED:

Click here for a more detailed explanation of our 'Ten factors that contribute to pavilion success: EXPO 2020'

Electrosonic's EXPO Experience

Over the past 50 years, Electrosonic has been involved in creating lasting memories for 15 EXPOs. We have worked with some of the greatest pavilion teams to bring their aspirations to life. We continually innovate to raise our capabilities in sound and visual experiences to deliver the designers' dreams, no matter how wild they may first appear. Drawing on our experience in the entertainment market, we understand a pavilion's success is measured in its ability to engage the visitor and offer an experience like never before.

View Electrosonic's EXPO Timeline to see our contributions to over 80 pavilions

Electrosonic has contributed to more than 80 EXPO pavilions since 1968, bringing to life the incredible creative visions of design teams. Through our international offices we have been able to offer project planning, system design, installation, remote monitoring and on-site support in the event of any problem arising. No-one has more knowledge, experience and tenacity to support you in your vision for EXPO Dubai 2020 than Electrosonic. We would love to show you how we can help to make your pavilion one of the great successes for 'Connecting Minds, Creating the Future'.

  • 50 years of AV innovation
  • Over 80 pavilions
  • 15 EXPOs
  • 9 countries

Download our new EXPO Encyclopedia here for ideas and inspiration of how audio-visual can bring your story and design to life, in a unique and memorable way.

As the countdown towards Dubai 2020 begins, pavilion designers will need to be confident that they are working with a team who will match their ambition for excellence. With decades of experience creating some of the world's most breath-taking entertainment projects our specialist design team provide pavilion designers the reassurance their creative ideas can be delivered in almost any environment. Download a copy of our EXPO Encyclopedia to view our past projects including the EU Pavilion at EXPO 2015 in Milan which attracted over 600,000 visitors and was one of the top three pavilions for social media activity during the EXPO, and the award-winning USA Pavilion at EXPO 2010, Shanghai, which managed a throughput of 40,000 visitors a day.

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EXPOs are about creating lasting memories and encouraging new thinking. We offer up some thoughts, based on our experience of what makes a successful pavilion. Contact us to see how we can support you in making your pavilion one to be remembered.


EXPO Encyclopedia

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Electrosonic have over 50 years of EXPO experience

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