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AV Design Consulting

Our technical design team provides a complete service to help our clients discover innovative technology solutions and create attractions that spark interest and give visitors the opportunity to engage fully with collections, information and stories. Detailed reports and plan drawings are produced to describe and explain the solutions chosen by our design team to bring your creative vision into fruition.

With access to the resources of all our departments within the company, our design consultants can provide technology evaluations and equipment mock-ups to test the feasibility and demonstrate the functionality of a proposed system. We strive to use our expansive knowledge base and our exclusive vendor relationships to bring you the very best designs possible.

Invisible Technology

We understand the practicalities of using audio-visual technology (projectors, cables, power) can interfere with design and concept ideas. Our team can work with you to make the technology as ‘invisible’ as possible to visitors, whilst adhering to your design ideas.

Universal Design - Accessibility for Everyone

When designing an attraction, you can be guaranteed that our team have considered more than just the technology. They will ensure easy and safe access to the technology for your staff and compliance with all health and safety standards.

Innovations in technology have made this process of ‘inclusion’ easier. We can work with designers to specify both universal and specialised components that respond to the needs of people of all ages, abilities and sizes.

Electrosonic will apply the principals of ‘Universal Design’ techniques to create accessible environments for everyone, to the greatest extent possible. For example, making the exhibit spacious and easy to understand regardless of the user’s experience, knowledge, language skills, concentration and physical abilities.

As an ISO14001 accredited company we understand and fully endorse sustainable and environmental methods in our work.  We have worked on projects which have sustainability as its core theme. Find out more about the Siemens Crystal project here. Electrosonic are also fully aware of the requirements of working on projects that are subject to the BREEAM or LEED accreditations.


Technical Design Consulting Services:

  • Equipment specification
  • Technology demonstrations
  • Projection geometry studies
  • Schematic Design
  • Facility impact studies
  • Budgeting and tender specifications
  • A big dose of passion and dedication to your project