AV Support Services

AV Maintenance

Electrosonic has service contracts in over 40 countries around the world, from USA to Zimbabwe and the Congo to Australia.

Technical Support & Emergency Service
Technical support issues are routed through Electrosonic's 24/7 Service Operations Centers (SOC) and an experienced technician is ready to address your concerns. If further support is required, an Electrosonic technical specialist is available for dispatch.

Equipment Repair
Electrosonic's dedicated service centers ensure priority turnaround. Where practical and available, a replacement can be provided from Electrosonic loan stock to ensure that there is little or no downtime. Electrosonic can also be contracted to stock mission-critical equipment.

Preventative Maintenance
A well-managed AV preventative maintenance program extends the life of your equipment and minimizes downtime and repair costs. Periodic professional calibration can also optimize the image quality of your projectors and displays.

Remote Monitoring
Electrosonic’s ESCAN Remote Monitoring service offers 24x7 real-time monitoring of your facility from our Service Operations Centers (SOC). ESCAN software monitors your facility, looks for problems, and provides our support specialists with alerts and important configuration data that enable faster troubleshooting and fault resolution.

  • Boost your facility’s uptime
  • Early detection of potential system or device failure
  • Identify issues remotely
  • Enhance your on-site issue resolution capability

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On-Site Staff

Electrosonic are an international leading provider of onsite technical, customer service and maintenance staff within the AV industry. Our multi-disciplinary teams are fully trained and certified on your facility’s technology, giving you peace of mind that your audio-visual and video conferencing systems work seamlessly and employees and customers will have the best experience possible. Each service agreement is uniquely designed to meet your individual needs and we manage all staffing matters allowing you to concentrate on core business functions.

  • Customisable on-site staffing solutions – teams currently range from 1-64
  • Large international company support structure enabling a first class service
  • National and multi-national contracts to the client’s custom standards
  • VNOC support services can be integrated to provide cost effective workforce solutions
  • Embedded teams provide full range of managed services across the entire multimedia spectrum


Email eservice@electrosonic.com or call +44 (0) 1322 282391 to learn more about our AV Services Solutions.



Supporting Critical Operations 24/7

When uninterrupted operation and system availability is the criteria, Electrosonic's Service Team has the solutions. UK Highways Agency is one of our service clients that rely on full system availability.

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