3D and 4D

Electrosonic has a wealth of experience integrating 3D and 4D technology in attractions and presentations that spans its 49-year history.

Electrosonic excels in all of the currently available passive and active technologies, but also in the integration and synchronization of these elements with other technologies such as dark rides, motion platforms and special effects.

The concept of 3D is rooted in its stereoscopic nature, where two images are seen from different perspectives, which ultimately provides the viewer with the illusion of depth. Modern 3D systems typically use passive or active glasses. 4D introduces tactile elements that the viewer can experience, such as wind, rain, smells and vibrations. These physical effects add a fourth dimension of engagement.

Electrosonic continues to lead the way in 3D and 4D attractions with several award-winning theme park attractions, and projects such as “Beyond All Boundaries” at The National World War II Museum and Georgia Aquarium.






Polynesian Cultural Center

PCC upgraded its aging film-based IMAX theater, which was more than 20 years old, with a new digital 4D theater featuring a 4K projector, a 4K media server and a 40x74-foot projection screen.

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Hershey’s Great Chocolate Factory Mystery

Hershey's Chocolate World's unique real-time stereo 3D experience with 4D effects features technology from Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, and offers over 100 outcomes as the audience determines the direction of the story through participation. Electrosonic refurbished the 4D theater, where it had previously installed equipment in 2005, to accommodate the new show.

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National WWII Museum Victory Theater

The Victory Theater provides an immersive 4D cinematic experience featuring historic battles and stories of World War II with the dynamic effects of archival footage, animation, scenery, sound and sensory effects.

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